Watch live Pinoy TV channel for free

The Philippines is well-known for its outstanding television programming. However, not all of the people have an opportunity to watch TV especially if they live abroad. Fortunately, here at Pinoy Live, we have an option for all Filipinos who live away from their homes and want to continue watching Pinoy shows.

Of course, you can stream Pinoy TV online from some other site, or order a cable package, but those services are tremendously expensive. If you want to save money and watch your favorite shows, you should subscribe to our online service! We do not only provide the most quality and fresh content on everyday basis but also keep our prices low to meet the needs of all our customers.

Why you should watch Pinoy TV on our service

There are a lot of Pinoy online tambayan sites to choose from, but with them, you will not get the following features that make our streaming service better than all the others:

  • Better quality

    One of the biggest complaints people have about other streaming services is that the video quality is very poor. If you watch shows on our site, however, you will be able to watch high-quality videos on your laptop or smartphone.

  • Regular updates

    Other sites tend to take days, or even weeks, to update their sites with the latest television programming. This can be very aggravating, especially if you like to watch the news. We update our site almost as soon as the shows come out, so you will be able to keep up with whatever program you like to watch.

  • Automatic updates

    Whenever we update the content on our site, we will send you a notification that tells you what new shows we have posted. We will never leave you out of the loop!

  • Watch whenever you want

    Pinoys often have to work long, hard hours in a variety of professions, ranging from the military to education. For those working in these sectors, it can be impossible to watch their favorite shows when they come on. Our service allows you to watch your shows in a time convenient for you. If you subscribe to our Pinoy channel replay network, you will never miss your favorite show again.

Watch a variety of Pinoy TV tambayan shows

With Pinoy TV online, you will be able to watch the following line-up of great programs and TV shows:

  • The Filipino Channel (TFC)
  • All ABS, CBN, and GMA shows in HD
  • Pinoy dramas, like The General’s Daughter
  • Religious programming
  • Educational shows
  • News programs such as Like News Patrol and TV Patrol

Watch Pinoy TV and always feel like you are back home

Being away from home, especially if it is your first time, can be very difficult. If you want to feel closer to home, subscribe to our service and watch your favorite programs in the highest resolution. You will never grow tired of our impressive assortment of TV programs!